Performer Spotlight: Jessica Anderson-Gwin

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Since “Off The Floor” Jessica has created a home for pole and aerial under one roof with her studio Jagged Vertical Dance & Fitness. She has gone on to compete with her company members and has won 1st place in categories of doubles, group, and three solo Professional Championships including PSO’s Pacific Pole Championship, National Aerial Pole Art, and Oksana Grishina’s Pole Fitness Classic. Jagged Dance company was invited to perform and commission a full length work along side a screening of the documentary at “Butler Artsfest” 2015 being the first time pole has been invited to perform in a professional academic setting at one of the top 5 Ballet schools in the United States. The girls have now gone their separate ways but remain close friends. Jessica has started cross training in other fields taught at her studio such as lyra or aerial hoop, dance trapeze, and cyr wheel, and continues competing and performing at a professional level as well as coaching other competitors to elevate creativity and technique within the pole community at large. She has fostered an environment of support and excellence within her student base working with a variety of levels from beginner to professional performers and creates events both professionally and for amateurs performing for the first time. She believes there is room for all styles of pole whether athletic, exotic, contemporary, as long as it remains authentic. Without the company, Jessica aims to infuse story telling into her solo artist work at every opportunity. She mentors other studios and artists with the knowledge she has retained over the years as an entrepreneur, performer, and instructor. She has created an entertainment company with her instructors who are also professional performers to encompass both pole, aerial, fire, and dance for events called the Jagged Collective. Jessica has continued to develop herself as an artist, leader, and instructor since the film and feels she is just getting started!