Tara Meyer’s Winning Olympia Routine

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The ineffable Tara’s signature stunning lines and elegant presentation shine in this piece. As always, Tara’s pristine classical ballet training underpins her movement, but in this particular performance, Tara uses her technique to focus the audience and judges’ attention on her athletic prowess befitting the Olympia competition stage. Tara’s clear sense of purpose and precise execution of both on and “off-pole” skills show she is in full command of both the stage and her body, demonstrating a winning combination of strength, flexibility, musicality and grace; It is not difficult to see how she placed 1st in her category.

Throughout her short routine (only 2 minutes and 20 seconds), it is obvious Tara is intent on demonstrating the gambit of her athletic abilities as a pole performer within her brief time on stage. While she flows in characteristic seamless-style from one combination to the next, she does not waste time. Beginning with pirouettes in rapid succession and other balance work, Tara quickly ascends the spin pole demonstrating her powerful upper body strength and clean lines with a twisted grip deadlift into a gorgeous Pegasus variation at 00:29. Tara showcases her flexibility in the Spatchcock, which she somehow manages to make look effortless and comfortable against all odds. After a short floorwork segment consisting of precise footwork and classic “port-de-bras” movements, Tara transitions to the static pole.

Tara opens her final static sequence with a series of intricate leg hooks and creative grips, moving into another demonstration of flexibility in her own version of a Russian “Oversplit”. The signature “Tara-besque” makes an appearance at approximately 2:11, and Tara finishes with a flatline Jade Split and drop to cheers and eager applause from the audience. Her classic style (both hair and costume) paired with flowing piano music and well-rehearsed timing for a polished piece.
Despite the wide diversity of skill demonstrated in only 2 minutes and 20 seconds, Tara does manage to find moments to luxuriate in her movement. We only wish Olympia allowed her a little longer on stage so we could also share in that luxuriation.