Nina Zamora’s Malala-Themed Routine

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Malala Yousafzai Interpretation by Nina Zamora

The night before competition, I prepared myself to get on stage, I let go of my Frida Kahlo character,whom I interpreted months before at Pole Expo, and I put on my Malala’ costume. Malal Yousafzai is the youngest person to win a nobel price of peace, she has put her life at risk to fight against the Talibans for young girl’s right of education. When I create a piece the artist in me takes over the athlete, and I feel the duty to tell a story I felt moved or inspired by.

I must make it clear it has never been my intention to disrespect any religious belief but to the contrary praise the bravery of this young girl, Malala. Her fight was something I felt compelled to share, for this reason I danced and moved to the powerful yet emotional speech she gave when given the nobel prize of peace. It is our duty as an artist to expose those things that make an impact on us, I believe. This is why I have chosen in my past two routines to interpret strong, coragous women, symbols of feminism, who have made a strong positive impact in history for the rest of us women, and for humanity as a whole.

I must admit receiving a medal is always satisfying, but to use this art form to become a storyteller is the reason why I love and exist for pole.